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In respect of peoples’ privacy, no email addresses or contact details are posted. However, if you would like to speak with any of our references, please email us at info@igalaproductions.co.za and we will gladly share contact details of people who have agreed to have their details sent out.

Clients that we've recently filmed:

Andrew Chilkiewicz - Marketing Manager, Trijicon - USA

Doug Smith - Worldwide hunting outfitters - USA

Steve Troy - Troy Industries - USA

Kyle Lamb - Viking Tactics - USA

Jorg & Julia Wiese - Germany

Chris Wittig - Chinook Adventures - Canada

Mohamed Bin Fahad - Saudi Arabia

Tsolo Vytov - Bulgaria

James Harber - USA

Jose Maria Valdes - Venezuela

Nejat Uner - Turkey

Dennis & Julia Hilling - Canada

Howard & Danielle Jackson - Canada

Price Brashear - USA

Ray Group - Paraguay

Tom Harrison - USA

Wayne Easley - Hawaii

Ray Cadiz - South Africa

Benjamin Boyd - Panama

Stephen Brendel - South Africa

Client comments:

I just had the privilege of seeing your DVD of our trip to Africa. Of course I WANT TO COME BACK!!! Rich was in tears over the beauty of the scenery, the photos of the animals taken, the scenes that made our adventure to Africa very memorable. My heart was jumping to the music that you selected. How appropriate!
So great to see the sites of Africa again. We have looked at our DVD hundreds of times and laughed at every scene remembering the joy we had in Africa. I even heard the sounds of the birds on the DVD and it made me feel like I was back in Africa. No one can relive those moments like we can from your excellent DVD of our trip and your generous hospitality from all of you. You made us feel like family.
May you all have a joyous day and may your hunts be as productive for you as you all made it for us. What joy I have in my heart for you all!!!!
Until the next time....thanks for all you did for us!!!!!!!
Joyce & Rich Kulage, USA

We received the dvd's a few days ago. They are fantastic!!! You guy's did a
great job. I saw Rick and Ryan the other day and our only regret is that we
didn't hire 2 cameramen so we could have had every day of both hunts filmed.
Maybe on our next trip! Good luck for the rest of your season.
P.S. We will be sure to mention and recommend you guys to any one we know
that will be going to Africa. If you need a reference, feel free to use us!
Bob Giarusso, USA

I recently returned from my 7th safari in which the best decision by far was hiring iGala Productions to film our experience in Africa. Evidently I am a slow learner, because it has taken me so long to realize the value of a professional video. Forget trying to film your own safari and leave it to the professionals! My edited DVD arrived home at about the same time as I did! Words do not do justice to the joy of watching and re-watching our safari DVD and having such a complete record of our experience. My 13 yr old daughter will soon be grown and gone, but I will cherish our time with her in Africa through our video. She will be able to share it with her children and when I am gone from this world, future generations will have this little piece of me. Book iGala for your next safari. You will be glad you did!
Tom Harrison, USA

Thanks so much. We watched your video over and over and love it every time. This video is a wonderful way to re-live my trip of a lifetime!
Thank u so much for your wonderful camera work and editing talent. My family and I will enjoy your wonderful work for the rest of our lives.
Best Regards
Laurence Taylor, USA

You guys cannot imagine how much I appreciate watching the video of our last hunt in June!
I watched it with Maria Elena again and again and do not get tired. Thanks so much for catching and editing those moments, it seems like you know our language (Spanish!) and placed the right patches to make it a masterpiece.
Yours truly
Jose Maria Valdes, Venezuela

Steve Mealman on iGala Productions' TV series, Aim on Africa:
I first want to thank you for developing the best hunting show on Africa. I have only hunted Africa once, but I am going back this year and every year I can. Your show truly bring out the spirit of Africa.
Many shows have a famous person that has hunted all over the world. Your show brings a realism and character that I haven't seen on any other program. I don't think any show can truly bring Africa to life, but your show is as close as it gets.
Aim on Africa brings your amazing continent to people homes. Your shows bring back the memories of my safari in every episode! And as you say " I am not an African because I was born in Africa, I am an African because Africa was born in me. Thank you for producing the most authentic hunting show on Africa with true Africans!
Steve Mealman, USA


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